Friday, January 18, 2008

"It" Has Arrived

It's horrible! I hate to even type the word. The word conjures up all kinds of horrible images and even worse phantom symptoms. You hear the word and instantly your head begins to feel tingly and wait ---- did I just feel that? Does my head itch? Do you know what word I dread to even type here? Well, here goes ------ lice ----- I did it. I typed it.

The news is out! We have
lice. Feel free to run if you want. Don't look back. SAVE YOURSELVES!!

The good news is "it" seems to be a very light case and we have caught "it" at the very beginning stages. So hopefully we are rid of "it" very soon. I have been wondering when and if this would happen since the 3 year old started preschool. Not sure where she picked "it" up at but hopefully this is the one and only time she gets "it". I had "it" once when I was little and have stayed clear up until a few days ago. And when I heard the word, I cringed and shivered and wanted to tear my hair out. Then I calmed down and thought my head doesn't itch I'm fine ----was that an itch? No it can't be. But I combed through my hair just to be sure and yep sure enough. I have ---- (not gonna say it).

We then began the process of clean up and we haven't stopped yet. I don't know if our vacuum and washing machine can take it. We have been cleaning everyday. I think this is the most use our machines have had without a short break between them. Laundry has not stopped for 3 days now and we have filled the vacuum several times.

I did hear about a giveaway for a new Oreck XL Ultra vacuum cleaner at Crazy Hip Blog Mamas. I think now would be a wonderful time to win a new vacuum cleaner. I'm heading over right now to enter. The giveaway ends on Jan. 31.

By the way, does anyone know of any safe, natural products that work to rid or prevent lice? Better yet, does anyone have any they would like to give me to test and try out?


Anonymous said...

it's hard to imagine in this day and age of anyone getting lice, but when my youngest came home with it when she was in 3rd grade i was horrified. the problem for us was we didn't even know she had it until one day she was scratching away and when i checked her scalp she was loaded with it. (mind you, her hair was down to her waist and at one point i was considering shaving her head it was so frustrating) we tried just about everything on the market but it wasn't until we learned researched through the internet that we learned that lice love clean heads so we soaked her head in olive oil then wrapped her head in saran wrap to suffocate the lice - it took about 2 weeks to get rid of the lice and we had to strip her room, and clean every inch of the house. here is a link i wish i had found way back then but hopefully it will be of help to you -

Qtpies7 said...

Been there! It is bad enough dealing with it on your kids, but when you find out it is on YOU, that is freak out time!

I have heard great things about olive oil, or even mayonaise.
Good luck!

Jessica D. said...

hey, lace
I'm glad your getting it under control, you know i can relate.

Might want to pick up some teatree oil to put behind your ears!