Sunday, April 13, 2008

Cars, Tools and Gender Roles

As women, in the past we were told there were only certain things we could do and things we couldn't do. I am so glad that gender roles are not so strict as in the past. There are definitely things I am glad to let men do such as fixing cars, filing the gas tank and anything related to cars except picking out the color. I'll do that part thank you. I am able to check fluids and do a little bit of other tasks with cars but choose not too. Ask Patty is a new site where you can register your car and keep updated info all about your car on your own personalized page. Kind of like a MySpace for your car.

I can sling drywall mud on a wall just as good as any person. I have even helped tile a floor. I own a set of tools and use them regularly for different projects. I can unclog a sink or tub. I have also been known to mow the lawn although that's a dirty, dusty job I also choose not to do.

I'm also glad there are men who do jobs some consider womens work. I hate the dishes and would gladly pass that on to any person who likes to do it.

What are some things you can do just as good as any man or woman. The Parent Bloggers Network would love to know.

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