Saturday, July 19, 2008

I Would Love to Try the no!no!

Has anybody out there seen this new hair removal thingy called the no!no! It burns the hair off of your body with Thermicon technology. The reviews I've read say it doesn't hurt but there is a smell of burning hair. Nice, just what I want to smell. Actually I would love to give the no!no! a try. It's supposed to make hair grow back less and less by destroying the hair with a heat wave. Sing it with me "Like a heat wave, burning in my heart er.. Legs"

Anyways this thing is expensive so I'll probably never get the chance to try it but I love to give new products a try and will keep reading reviews to see how well it works. Here are some videos if you are wondering just how this works. I watched them because the no!no! just seems so weird. Weird in a "I want to try that" kind of way.

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