Monday, December 22, 2008

Indulge with Yummie Tummie

The Holidays are here and it's a time for family, fun and food. And with food comes overindulgence especially during the Holidays when the food is richer and tastier. There's no better time to indulge than right now. Forget your worries about the economy and what to get your brother's uncle's girlfriend's father's mother for Christmas.

I've got a great site for you to visit to help with the indulging. has something for every one's appetite, whether you love desserts or the main meal or just love to snack on those appetizers. Find some amazing recipes, tips on places to eat or add your own favorite indulgence. While your there, check out Yummie Tummie, the amazing shapewear that is meant to be seen.

About Yummie Tummie:

Heather Thomson, the celebrity stylist who has dressed Beyonce', Jennifer Lopez and P. Diddy, and the founder and designer of Yummie Tummie recognizes that we need to overindulge now more than ever. And who better than Yummie Tummie to bring it to you, because when you've had your fill - and then you've had some more - Yummie Tummie has you covered!

Yummie Tummie, the first shapewear brand that is comfy, sexy, and meant to be seen will visibly slim, shape and smooth you. It's the first shapewear on the market that is actually comfortable enough to wear all day and evening.

Visit for a full list of all your favorite overindulgences, rate your favorites, and upload new indulgences, find recipes to all your favorite treats, grab the widget to add the daily indulgences to your site, and watch Yummie Tummie on Oprah!

Look for a review of the Yummie Tummie in the new year!

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Anonymous said...

I have totally indulged myself this year. 'Tis the season!

Thought you'd want to look in to Slimpressions too. I learned of this shapewear line at Intimacy when I was in NY. Like YT, they slim the top half but have sleeves! Love them!