Friday, November 13, 2009

Tale of a Walk in the Woods and Lost Bubbles

On our walk we stomped through leaves

Collected leaves

Watched the water flow under the bridge

Threw leaves into the water

And if you look closely, you can see a bottle of bubbles being tossed over as well. (it's a little white and pink smudge falling from Pony's hand) She held those bubbles for the entire walk until she started collecting leaves. The bubbles ended up in the bottom of the basket covered by leaves. Just as she threw the last of the leaves over she yelled "My bubbles!"

Watching the bubbles float away

We continued on with our walk even though she was a bit bummed at losing the bubbles.

We looked for animals living in trees

And then Pony yelled out "My bubbles!" This time in a happier tone. We looked and sure enough the bubbles were floating by us. We had expected them to be long gone by now. But here they were. I ran ahead to try and get in front of the bubbles and find a place that I might be able to reach them.

Standing on a log in the water holding a large branch waiting to snag the bubbles

Success! I was able to snatch them with the branch and guide the bubbles my direction and rescue them from the water.

Some bubbles were blown in triumph and jubilation and then we continued on with our walk and exploration of the woods.


Andrea said...

That sounds like a great adventure!! And you even rescued the bubbles! :) haha. Great pictures too!

grams said...

That was a fun day - let's do more!

Kris said...

That's sounds like a ton of fun! You inspire me to do more fun things with my kids!