Thursday, March 10, 2011

Flat Screen Dilemmas

Our family has been thinking about purchasing a flat screen for our main TV in the living room. We do have a small flat screen in the kitchen. But what do you put your TV on? Hanging it on the wall is one idea I like. It would make a bit more floor space in the living room. But then what do you do with all the TV components? You know the DVD player, DVR, VCR (yes we still have one hooked up to our TV), stereo equipment and speakers. What's the solution for all that stuff?

I guess you will still need some kind of LCD TV stand or cabinet system to store the extras in. Something like these 2 stands would be my first choice, maybe with the TV mounted on the wall above it.

If you have a flat screen TV, do you have it mounted on the wall or sitting on a TV stand? And what have you done about all the extra stuff TVs require? I'd really love some ideas on the best way to organize my entertainment area without it looking cluttered. And how do you hide all the cords so they aren't hanging down the wall from the TV?


grams said...

Nice looking entertainment centers. I'll have to check out the CSN store to see what else they have.

Regina said...

We have wall mounted TVs and we use wall mounted components to hold the dvd players for the bedroom. We got them from SAMs and love them. You do need straps to hold the items on. Here is what they look like:

We also had outlets installed in the upper part of the wall, so no cords hang down and use twist thingy to keep the cords together. Good luck in your decision if you haven't made one already!