Saturday, August 11, 2007

Carry Me Please

I am new to babywearing but have quickly come to love it. I take care of my 2 nieces, ages 3 and 10 months, almost everyday and use my slings around the house, in the store, at church or wherever. They both love to ride in the slings. The 3 year old asks to be worn and says "Let's take a walk." or she makes me put her on my back and gallop around the house like a horse. The 10 month old just loves to take naps in it. I just love to be able to hold them close.

My collection is growing. I own 2 homemade pouch slings, a ring sling from Posh Papoose and a mei tai from Bloo Kangaroo. I love different things about each one. I also enjoy sharing my excitement about babywearing to friends and relatives. My mom has become a babywearer and loves carrying around her granddaughters.

If you would like to give babywearing a try, visit When 2 became 3. She is giving away a homemade wrap on August 22 at 9 am.

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Stam House said...

Thanks for the link and for entering!!! Best of luck to you!

You would love wrap they are so confortable, you sometime forgt that your actualy wearing a little one!