Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Spring Reading Challenge 2008 Wrap-up

I totally forgot that the Spring Reading Challenge was ending. So I guess I better post my results. Here's my original post and my goals. Let's find out if I met them.

I had 9 books on my list (7 fiction and 2 non-fiction)

Books completed from my list:

Auralia's Colors - which I had a hard time getting into because of all the new words/names of things that aren't real in our world. But I really enjoyed this book and am getting ready to purchase the 2nd book in the series.

And that's it for my list.

Books I read that weren't on my list:

MissMatch by Erynn Mangum

ReMatch by Erynn Mangum

and currently reading:

Perfecting Kate by Tamara Leigh (also not on my origional list)

I've noticed over the last two reading challenges that I tend to read books that I haven't put on my list. Maybe I'm looking at them like I have to read them therefore they aren't as interesting to read. Kind of like homework I guess. The books on my list are all books I own so I will definitely get to them sometime or another.

The next books I will be reading are books I've read before. The City of Ember books by Jeanne DuPrau. Her fourth book comes out in August and I want to reread them before the last book.

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Katrina said...

You still enjoyed some reading this spring, and that's more important than sticking to any list! So, good job! Thanks again for being part of the challenge.