Saturday, January 10, 2009

Quality Baby Carriers at La Stella Blu

I'm bringing up babywearing again because I've found a great new site that has amazing carriers. La Stella Blu carries many styles and brands of carriers. They have mei tais, pouch slings, buckle style, wraps and ring slings. Some of the brands they carry are BabyHawk, Hotslings, Moby, Ergo and many others. Make sure you check out their site.

They also carry other items as well, clothing and music. Make sure to browse the Babylegs. They are one of my favorite kids items. I won't tell you how many Babylegs I own, it's a lot. There are also items from Kate Quinn Organics and Feather Baby.

Here's a few of the carriers I like from La Stella Blu:
(there's a lot by the way but I'll only list a few)


in Pink Gerbera w/ Espresso Straps

I also like the Stencil Blooms Glacier w/ Olive Straps

EllaRoo Ring Sling

Mango Sky

There are several others but I'll leave you some to look at on the La Stella Blu's website or I'd just be posting their whole site here.

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