Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Random Observations

  • Fm static and Am static sound different. (I was using it as white noise to keep Buttercup asleep in the morning after Pony had already woken up)
  • You probably shouldn't reek of alcohol when you go to Secretary of State. (I think the guy next to me needed this information)
  • When I decide to use my camera the batteries always seem to be dead or as my camera says they are "exhausted".
  • My "C" key doesn't always want to work.
  • Now that I'm a year older my memory is going. (I had some other things I was going to share but can't remember them now)
  • I love Ghiraradelli brownies and chocolate muffins.
  • Um, now my "R" key doesn't like me. Maybe the batteries in the keyboard are "exhausted" just like my camera.
  • Pinata's are super fun.
  • Swinging is fun even in the middle of winter (photo taken winter 2007)

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