Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fair Food

Photo by moominsean shared via Flickr

The fairs in town this week. I went this year for a specific purpose, the food. I wanted a waffle ice cream sandwich. Have you ever had one? They're wonderful. Two fresh hot Belgium waffles with a slice of vanilla ice cream in the middle. Steaming hot and freezing cold. So yummy.

The $5 admission was paid. We asked at the ticket booth if they had them this year. The ladies said yes they'd seen someone with one just a little bit ago. They directed us towards the 4-H barns. Off we went searching for this wonderful treat we had the pleasure of tasting last year at the fair.

So we walked and searched and eventually came to the end of the food section and the beginning of the 4-H barns. No waffles. So we turn around and go the other way. Stopping to vote for my cousin's baby in the Cutest Baby contest. We passed cotton candy, candy apples, elephant ears, popcorn, corn dogs, fries, fresh squeezed lemonade, funnel cakes, ice cream, ice cream in waffle cones, sausages, more stuff on sticks, and even fried Bologna. No waffle ice cream sandwiches! So what did we do? We turned around and tried again.

No luck. So I settled on a funnel cake. This was the first time I've ever had one. I've had the opportunity before but I've always went with the elephant ear. What did I think of the funnel cake you might be asking (that is after you've exclaimed "what!? she's never tried a funnel cake?) The funnel cake tasted of fried disappointment with a layer of cinnamon sugar. I was really looking forward to the hot/cold sweetness of the waffle sandwich. (okay we get it you really wanted that waffle!) I know that's what's running through your head now. The funnel cake was good. I think it's the last one I'll ever buy. I'm sticking with elephant ears.

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Alexia said...

LOL I saw the picture and immediately thought: "wow, Lace took and AWESOME photo!"

I've never had a funnel cake either. And I *really* want to try that waffle/ice cream deal now...

What about the corn dog? Did you eat one of those?