Friday, July 24, 2009

BlogHer @ Home Welcome

Welcome to my piece of the internet. I've been here since? hmmm I don't know - brb I'll go look .... March 2007. My first posts were all about the giveaways you could enter and not so much personal stuff, hence the Keeping My Fingers Crossed title.

The giveaway blogging led into a great job working as an Assistant Editor at Prizey. You've heard of Prizey right? It's a great place to find all the amazing and generous giveaways around blogland.

My blog has changed to a more personal blog now and you can find me writing about crafts, my nieces (buttercup, 5 and pony, 2), and relaxing in hammocks my new favorite activity. I think the Keeping My Fingers Crossed title still fits. I'm Keeping My Fingers Crossed about a lot of things. Currently that Pony's fit she's having right this minute will stop!

Feel free to look around and say Hi if you'd like.

Not at BlogHer Parties

Not going to BlogHer this year? Well there are several parties you can attend right from your own home sitting in your ratty old pjs.


Blog Hop at Pensieve's

Mom of 2 Boys Wife of 1 and Cozi are sponsoring 15 bloggers not going to BlogHer with $100.

Robyn's Online World is having a twitter party Friday night

Garibay Soup is having a Happy BlogNerd Bash

So if your stuck at home this year and don't feel like reading about all the fabulousness that is Chicago right now then head on over to some of these parties. You don't even have to put on makeup or take a shower.

I'm thinking about going to several of them.

And if you stop by here, feel free to grab a hammock (which has been my chair of choice lately) and some limeade (extra tart) and feel free to say HI.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My Super Cute Bike Basket Liner

I've been a bit busy. Sorry for neglecting you for a bit. But I've finally got my sewing done. It's one of the things I've been busy with. Want to see? Of course you do.

I have a bike that I really like but it was missing something. It needed a cute little basket on the front. I found a white wire basket that I liked but it needed something more to make it cuter. I decided on making a liner for it. So I bought some fabric and have been measuring and cutting and pinning and sewing for the past couple of weeks to get it completed.

And here it is! I think it's adorable and would actually like to make a few more so I can change them out depending on my mood.

My friend went with me to pick out fabric and she decided she wanted a basket liner as well. I actually made hers first. Her basket liner was the prototype which she was fine with. She wanted it sooner rather than later. She picked out some cute fabric that matches her bike pretty well.

I'll post some pictures of my basket on my bike as soon as the weather clears. It's supposed to be rainy for the next couple of days. I'm hoping to get a photo and a bike ride soon.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fair Food

Photo by moominsean shared via Flickr

The fairs in town this week. I went this year for a specific purpose, the food. I wanted a waffle ice cream sandwich. Have you ever had one? They're wonderful. Two fresh hot Belgium waffles with a slice of vanilla ice cream in the middle. Steaming hot and freezing cold. So yummy.

The $5 admission was paid. We asked at the ticket booth if they had them this year. The ladies said yes they'd seen someone with one just a little bit ago. They directed us towards the 4-H barns. Off we went searching for this wonderful treat we had the pleasure of tasting last year at the fair.

So we walked and searched and eventually came to the end of the food section and the beginning of the 4-H barns. No waffles. So we turn around and go the other way. Stopping to vote for my cousin's baby in the Cutest Baby contest. We passed cotton candy, candy apples, elephant ears, popcorn, corn dogs, fries, fresh squeezed lemonade, funnel cakes, ice cream, ice cream in waffle cones, sausages, more stuff on sticks, and even fried Bologna. No waffle ice cream sandwiches! So what did we do? We turned around and tried again.

No luck. So I settled on a funnel cake. This was the first time I've ever had one. I've had the opportunity before but I've always went with the elephant ear. What did I think of the funnel cake you might be asking (that is after you've exclaimed "what!? she's never tried a funnel cake?) The funnel cake tasted of fried disappointment with a layer of cinnamon sugar. I was really looking forward to the hot/cold sweetness of the waffle sandwich. (okay we get it you really wanted that waffle!) I know that's what's running through your head now. The funnel cake was good. I think it's the last one I'll ever buy. I'm sticking with elephant ears.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Ennui handcrafted leather sandals giveaway from Zuzsi

There's a giveaway for some cute handcrafted leather sandals from Zuzsi. Want to take a look and possibly sign up to win? Then here ya go, visit ennui

The Cloth Diaper Whisperer's Fluff Fridays

I'm not a cloth diaper user. I've used them with friends babies and find them interesting. I think I'd like to give them a try in the future.

I've found a great site with lots of information about cloth diapering, The Cloth Diaper Whisperer. Besides all the great advice and information, they also have a fun giveaway each week for cloth diapers called Fluff Fridays. If your unsure about cloth diapers maybe winning some to try out might be a starting point.

This week, they are offering up prizes from Kissaluvs. They have 2 new products; Marvels One Size Fitted Diapers and Cloth-N-Go Bag.

If your interested head on over and check them out. Giveaway entries must be received by Thursday of that week and winners are announced on Fridays.