Friday, October 31, 2008

Conversation with Buttercup

Conversation with Buttercup while on the swings the other day:

Buttercup: Do you know how you get boogers?
Me: How?
B: It's dirt and dust in your nose.
M: Really! Then whats the slimy stuff in your nose?
B: It's snot!
M: How do you get snot in your nose?
B: It's smashed boogers. You smell yummy smells and the boogers don't like it and they get smashed. That's how you get snot.
M: Oh, Thanks.

Crowns for Jessica's Girls

I've been away for a few days staying with my friend Jessica's girls. I'll be heading back in a day but thought I'd show you all what I made for the girls.

You can go to Jessica's site to see the crowns.

I made 2 wool felt crowns. These are super cute. I'm getting better at making them and figuring out how best to put them together.

you can take a look at my first attempts here.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

blog changes

I'm messing with my templates so if it looks different for awhile you know why.

Pets From My Past

Do you have any pets? Parent Bloggers wants to know.

I've had pets my whole life. Cats, dogs, fish, and birds. Just your basic pets. Right now we have a bird, a Ring Neck Dove. He coos and laughs all day long.

I've been thinking about getting another dog or cat but I don't want to mess with litter boxes or poop in the yard. So that's been keeping me from getting one. I've enjoyed being a litter box free house for several years now.

I can't imagine a childhood without pets though. I think it helps kids have responsibility in caring for something. They can learn to feed/water the animals. Pets also provide another loving relationship for kids. I enjoyed cuddling and playing with animals.

Here's a few of the pets I've had. I'd post pictures but the scanner isn't working.

Paco - a Miniature Schnauzer. He was the pet we had the longest. He would stand on his hind legs and do a little dance for a piece of hot dog or cheese.

Bugsy - an Abyssinian cat. This cat loved to sleep with me and also loved to curl up with the dog Paco.

Kitty - a white stray cat. I petted him one day outside and he just stayed around. I talked my parents into letting him come into the house. We only had him about 6 months and then he got hit by a car.

Wheeler - another stray cat that was crazy! We only had him a few months as well.

Tiffy (I hated that name) - a Manx cat. That was pregnant when we got her. She had 4 kittens.

Indy - an orange mix cat. This was one of Tiffy's kittens that we kept.

We've had other dogs but they were when I was very little and I don't remember them that much.

My niece Pony just got a basset hound puppy named Bandit. He is so cute and floppy eared. I saw him last night and it made me want a dog. But then I think of the work and decide against it.

If your wanting a pet but not the clean up and care Club BK is giving away iDogs in their Big Kid meals right now. They come with a costume, sticker and a light up dog. Great way to have a pet without all the work.

“This post was written for Parent Bloggers Network as part of a sweepstakes sponsored by Burger King Corp.”

A Product We Love

In my house we have a product that the girls can't seem to go to sleep without. At least they both ask for it before going to bed and they often try to get at it during the day. You might have the same product at your house. In our house though I'm not sure if its an addiction or it just helps them to relax. Any guesses on the product? Oh, I'll just tell you.

It's Vicks Vapor Rub. The girls love it. They ask for it before going to sleep. They want it on their feet and on their chest. Buttercup wants it under her nose as well. A couple of weeks ago, Pony was sick and as I was putting Vicks on her chest she took a deep breathe, sighed and said "I love Vicks." Buttercup has even been known to find a bottle just for a smell. "I just want to smell it!" Off comes the lid, in goes the nose with a deep inhale and a sigh. The lid goes back on and off she goes to play some more.

I like the smell of Vicks as well but I usually only use it when I'm sick. Although, I have been known to take a quick smell if I see the container sitting out.

What can't your kids go to sleep without?

*This is not a paid post from Vicks. Just a product we can't live without.*

Bellaziza's Favorite Crib Mattress

Have you heard of Bellaziza's Favorite Things? If not you must head on over there right now. They area wonderful site with tips, tricks and reviews on great products. Right now, they are having a giveaway for organic crib mattresses from Netto. You have until Oct. 27 to enter.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Envirosax and Earthlust at Green Your Decor

Green Your Decor is having a giveaway for Envirosax and an Earthlust stainless steel thermos. I love my envirosax. They are great for keeping in your purse for quick trips to the store. Make sure you stop by to enter before Oct. 24.

A Peek at my Bookshelf's Fall Into Fantasy Festival

A Peek At My Bookshelf will be starting a new themed book month. Make sure you stop by beginning Nov 1 to see what it's all about.

Fantasy is a rather new reading genre for me. I've only read a bit of Fantasy. Some I like, some I don't like.

Marie-Therese Gown GIVEAWAY !!!!!!!

Marie-Therese Gown GIVEAWAY !!!!!!!

You have got to see some of the great kids clothes Grosgrain makes.

Monday, October 20, 2008

babySNAZZ and Beco Butterfly

Win a Beco Butterfly from babySNAZZ!

Make sure you head on over and take a look. They have some great products as well as the Beco.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Crowns for the Girls

I've been crafting again.

A few months ago, I saw some very cute wool felt crowns. I got to looking around and saw more adorable crowns. I wanted to get some for the girls but with funds low, I thought I would see if I could make some. I bought a wool blend felt and some cotton fabric for the backing. Oh and some stiff interfacing to make the crowns stand up.

Here's the crowns.

The left one is for Pony (it's smaller) and the right one is for Buttercup (larger). I think I like the the size of the smaller one the best. I'll probably use that size from now on when I make them and just adjust the elastic at the back for larger sizes.

Here's a a couple of shots of the first crown in progress.

I started with making a pattern and cutting out the felt pieces.

Buttercup wanted a heart on her crown so I sewed one on the front piece before assembling.

Next I sewed the pieces together.

And then sewed on the back with the interfacing between the two pieces. I used a cotton fabric on the back so the crowns would be less expensive and more comfortable to the girls' foreheads.

Oh, there's also some cotton covered elastic back there so that it's adjustable for a few different sizes. I'm still trying to figure out the sizing. The first one is too big for the 4 year old. It fits me. I have to put a hairband around the elastic to make it a few inches smaller. The second one fits the 2 year old good but I was wanting the elastic to not stretch when she wears it so there's room to grow. I'll keep working on that part. I have a few more crowns to make.

Here is the first one completed.

Do you see that bush the crown is sitting in? This photo was taken the other day and now the bush has very little leaves left. It was very windy last night and all the leaves fell off.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Fall Baking

I thought I'd share some more of the bread I've baked from this book - Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day. These breads were made a few weeks ago. I'm getting ready to start another batch of bread soon.

I made an Onion Pletzel. It was so good. Fried Onions, salt, butter and poppy seeds covered this flat bread. It was sort of like an everything bagel. The smell while it baked was heavenly.

Here it is just before it goes in the oven.

It's just out of the oven. Look at all those yummy fried onions.

I also made a Challah. This bread was so sweet, soft and delicious. I could eat this bread at every meal.

Just before going into the oven.

Just before going into my mouth! Yum.

I've been in a baking mood lately. Maybe I'm getting ready for the cold, snowy winter and storing up food. The other day I roasted 2 pie pumpkins and pureed them. I didn't take any pictures of the process. But I got about 4 -5 cups of pumpkin puree for pies, breads, or soup. I also roasted the seeds and we've been snacking on those.

I love fall cooking and foods.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Dazzle in Blueberry

The Dazzle stroller from Silver Cross was the first of my prizes to arrive. It is a wonderful stroller. I've used it about 3 times so far at the store and on walks. It handles well and is very easy to open and close.

Let's take a look.

The box was the most fascinating part of the whole stroller. Both of my nieces were more interested in the box and the great photo of kids building a rocket ship out of boxes. The box is upside down and I didn't realize that until I had already opened it and was greeted by wheels instead of handles.

My building assistant today is my niece who will be 2 in a few days. I need a good alias for her but for today I think I'll call her Pony (she rarely walks and is almost always seen galloping. hmm that might be good, maybe that will become her alias)

First things first, lets get it out of the box. (those are rocks on the floor, the girls love playing with rocks)

Is everything out?

The stroller is almost complete out of the box. We just have to put on some wheels and the canopy. A rain shield comes with the stroller.

Pony helps put the wheels on. It's just a quick snap and it's on.

It's now complete and Pony takes off. Look out!

Here's the completed stroller. We took a quick walk up and down the block to get the feel of the stroller. And then played on the swing when we got back.

The Dazzle from Silver Cross in Blueberry.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A Big Thank You

A few weeks ago, I got an amazing email. I was the grand prize winner in the Chronicle Books/Serena & Lily giveaway. I still can't believe it and prizes have started arriving already. I feel really blessed to have won all the amazing prizes. Here's a listing of the prizes I won.

Prizes from Serena & Lily:

S&L Loft Crib by Netto collection
William crib bedding
2 gallons of low VOC paint
Market Sling
Sausalito Basket (moses basket)
S&L bunny
Take Me Home gift set

Chronicle books sent a selection of parenting/kids books. (they arrived the other day. I'll make a listing of all the books soon)

Belly bars is sending a selection of their products and a diaper caddy.

Bravado nursing bras and tanks.

The Dazzle Stroller from Silver Cross. (I have a post coming on the stroller)

I'm still amazed at having won. I've never won anything big like this before. The biggest items I've won in the past are a Chicco Stroller and an iPod.

I want to thank Serena & Lily, Chronicle Books, Silver Cross, Belly bars, and Bravado for their wonderful generosity. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.