Monday, September 21, 2009

Adventures in Babywearing Presents the Sakura Bloom Triatholon

If you are interested in trying out Sakura Bloom slings and are willing to take videos, photos and answer some questions, then head on over to Adventures in Babywearing and enter the Sakura Bloom Triatholon.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Pony is Getting a New Bed

Pony is taking a nap in her crib right now but that will soon change. She's getting a toddler bed from I can't wait to show you the bed and let you know my thoughts and share my review.

She's ready for something different. She climbs out of her crib now and I worry she's going to fall and get hurt even though she is a climbing monkey. This bed will be low to the ground and have some side rails so there is no chance of getting hurt when she gets out of the bed.

If you're in the market for cheap baby cribs or know someone who is, take a look at CSNBaby. They have some great cribs, toddler beds, nursery accessories, baby gear and toys. I've looked through their site and saw several things I'd like to have.

*insert witty title about summer fun and blog absence here*

(It's late and I just couldn't come up with an interesting title)

Oh my! I just noticed an entire month went by that I haven't posted anything. I've been trying to squeeze some fun and outside time in these last few weeks (now days) of summer.

A few things I've done
  • mini golf
  • the beach
  • bonfires
  • apple picking
  • visiting friends
  • sitting in the yard watching the girls play
  • wishing Buttercup a great first day of Kindergarten
  • celebrating some birthdays
  • lounging in the hammocks
  • read some books
  • visited with family
  • watching Buttercup learn to ride a two wheel bike
  • watching Pony dance her socks off
  • harvesting veggies from the garden and watching the pumpkins turn orange
  • getting in a few more ice creams before they close for the season
  • I'd like to get some more bike rides in
I've got some photos to share and a few posts to write about some of these adventures we've had this last month. I really didn't mean to be absent for so long but the warm sun was calling to be outside.