Monday, July 9, 2007

Win it

Baby Talkers is giving away a nursing support pillow from Blessed Nest. This looks like a great support pillow. They want to know your favorite breastfeeding moment to be entered. Here is mine:

Favorite breastfeeding moment? I am not a mom (yet) but I plan on nursing my babies when they come. I would have to say that my favorite breastfeeding moment would have to be my mom choosing to breastfeed me. She did not nurse my older brother so I was her first. I am thankful that she made that choice for me and her.

Visit this site to find out how you can win. Contest runs until July 21


Lisa said...

You're too funny. I don't have kids either, but my favorite moment is when my friends started using the Modest Mommy Cover :)

Anonymous said...

I'll surely visit it...thanks!