Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A Couple of Contests

Sorry about the quick post but I'm still out of town and on a computer at the library.

Mums the Word and Zutano is giving away a $150 gift certificate. I love the colors and styles of their clothes.

Mums the Word and Natural Pod are giving away the best giveaway ever. Are you tired of all of the recalls? I certainly am. Everytime the baby puts a toy in her mouth, I wonder if in a few years I will here about a recall involving that toy. Am I endangering her mental capacity and health by letting her play with her toys? Are they SAFE? I used to only think about the size of they toy not about what it was made with and painted with. I hate having to second guess toys and toy manufacturers. I really want to win the $100 gift certificate to Natural Pod.

From Dates to Diapers is giving away a Rockin' Baby sling. There are lots of them I like but I think I might like the White Shadows sling the best. Although, I will probably like something better tomorrow.


Christine said...

Thanks for entering the Rockin' Baby pouch giveaway!
Good luck!

(Don't forget to come back and visit... I post new contests and reviews every day!!)

Alexia said...

Congrats...it goes without saying that I'm needlessly jealous LOL

At least I can check it out before shelling out big bucks! (oh, wait, maybe I shouldn't check it out :P)