Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Hug Your Bug Today

Drea and Hug a Bug Baby are giving away a gauze wrap. I have never tried a wrap baby carrier. I have tried pouches, ring slings, and mei tais. I think this might be the last category to try. I might be wrong because I am still new to baby wearing. Can you even wrap a 3 year old or an 11 month old? I use all of the other carriers with the 3 year old but I seem to think the wrap is for little babies. Let me know if I am wrong. I would love a chance to try a wrap out and then possibly save for future babies of my own or for friends' future or still little babies. This contest ends this Saturday.

To find out more about the wrap itself and Drea's review go to Reviewed by Drea or Hug A Bug Baby.

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Christina Boykin said...

Hey thanks for posting about Dreas give away. Granted I make these carriers, but I have a 4.5yr old that I can still wrap and was using the wrap with my second baby from birth. If you take a look at the site under "why wear your baby", I'm the one with the green wrap on and the bump is my 2wk old little girl. :) By far the wrap is the most versital carrier, though it does take a little bit of time to learn all the different ways to carry. A great site to check out for info is wearyourbaby.com.

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