Friday, February 22, 2008

Worms, Gardens, Veins, and Science

Parent Bloggers Network wants to know how you are bringing Science back to your kids.

Science - I don't often thing about it. I know it is there and all around us but I don't actively seek out science activities to do with my 3 year old niece. When something comes up I will hop on board and do activities or help explain something to her.

She loves worms and gardening. I love to watch her in the garden watching and waiting for her favorite plants to grow strawberries. She also loves to pick and carry all the vegetables she helped grow. This is one area of science that I know she will continue to have an interest in. Gardening with her grandpa is a wonderful spring/summer activity she enjoys.

I hope she continues to love all things science related. Just yesterday, She was using the bathroom and wondered about our digestive system. I told her how our digestive system works and then got out a medical book with pictures of the human body in it. She was fascinated with veins and that you could see them in your arm.

I think we might have to find a more kid friendly book about the human body at the library. Which is one of her favorite places to go. Maybe I better start helping her pick out more science related books.

You can check out some more ways to encourage science activities by visiting the Zulu Intergalactic Inquirer

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