Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pets From My Past

Do you have any pets? Parent Bloggers wants to know.

I've had pets my whole life. Cats, dogs, fish, and birds. Just your basic pets. Right now we have a bird, a Ring Neck Dove. He coos and laughs all day long.

I've been thinking about getting another dog or cat but I don't want to mess with litter boxes or poop in the yard. So that's been keeping me from getting one. I've enjoyed being a litter box free house for several years now.

I can't imagine a childhood without pets though. I think it helps kids have responsibility in caring for something. They can learn to feed/water the animals. Pets also provide another loving relationship for kids. I enjoyed cuddling and playing with animals.

Here's a few of the pets I've had. I'd post pictures but the scanner isn't working.

Paco - a Miniature Schnauzer. He was the pet we had the longest. He would stand on his hind legs and do a little dance for a piece of hot dog or cheese.

Bugsy - an Abyssinian cat. This cat loved to sleep with me and also loved to curl up with the dog Paco.

Kitty - a white stray cat. I petted him one day outside and he just stayed around. I talked my parents into letting him come into the house. We only had him about 6 months and then he got hit by a car.

Wheeler - another stray cat that was crazy! We only had him a few months as well.

Tiffy (I hated that name) - a Manx cat. That was pregnant when we got her. She had 4 kittens.

Indy - an orange mix cat. This was one of Tiffy's kittens that we kept.

We've had other dogs but they were when I was very little and I don't remember them that much.

My niece Pony just got a basset hound puppy named Bandit. He is so cute and floppy eared. I saw him last night and it made me want a dog. But then I think of the work and decide against it.

If your wanting a pet but not the clean up and care Club BK is giving away iDogs in their Big Kid meals right now. They come with a costume, sticker and a light up dog. Great way to have a pet without all the work.

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