Saturday, October 25, 2008

A Product We Love

In my house we have a product that the girls can't seem to go to sleep without. At least they both ask for it before going to bed and they often try to get at it during the day. You might have the same product at your house. In our house though I'm not sure if its an addiction or it just helps them to relax. Any guesses on the product? Oh, I'll just tell you.

It's Vicks Vapor Rub. The girls love it. They ask for it before going to sleep. They want it on their feet and on their chest. Buttercup wants it under her nose as well. A couple of weeks ago, Pony was sick and as I was putting Vicks on her chest she took a deep breathe, sighed and said "I love Vicks." Buttercup has even been known to find a bottle just for a smell. "I just want to smell it!" Off comes the lid, in goes the nose with a deep inhale and a sigh. The lid goes back on and off she goes to play some more.

I like the smell of Vicks as well but I usually only use it when I'm sick. Although, I have been known to take a quick smell if I see the container sitting out.

What can't your kids go to sleep without?

*This is not a paid post from Vicks. Just a product we can't live without.*

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