Monday, March 30, 2009

Expect a Post

I'll be posting today.  I will.  I haven't in a week.  

Yes!  I really will post something today.  It might be a bit later in the afternoon but I'll do it.  

And I'll even try to post something the next day as well.  

Hey, maybe I'll do a post every day this week. (HA!)

Ok.  I will try for a post a day this week.  Nothing will probably happen this week because I said that.  But I'll post the dullest week ever if I have to.  

Off to sleep a bit (its 1 am)  I'll be back later.

I do actually post everyday (sun-thur) it's just not here.  It's over at PRIZEY.  I get paid to post there.  When someone starts paying me to post here you might see me a bit more.

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