Friday, January 11, 2008

Birthday Clubs

Do you belong to any birthday clubs? I have signed up for a few and today in my email I have received several coupons for free meals. You usually have to sign up at the site and provide your name and email, sometimes you have to supply your address as well. You also get put on their mailing lists so if you don't want their newsletters, sign up with a different account and just check that one near your birthday.

Here are a few and what I have received.

Cold Stone Creamery - A free ice cream creation

Bennigan's - A free entree' with the purchase of an entree'

McAlister's Deli - $5 of my meal

Red Robin - A free burger. They also give out sundaes if you let them sing to you

Beaner's (soon to be renamed Biggby) - A free grande drink

Finley's American Grill - If you go to Finley's on your birthday and show them your id you get your choice of a free entree' ( I actually haven't done this in a few years, so I'm not sure if they still do it or not. ) I also think they might be a Michigan only restaurant. I didn't see any other states listed on their website.

Baskin Robbins - One free scoop

Celebration Cinema - Free regular popcorn

Usually you have about a two week window to use the coupons. My birthday isn't until the 18th and most of the coupons expire around the 25th. That gives me plenty of time to use them.


Stephanie said...

We have the same birthday! :)

You can read a similar post that I wrote about birthday clubs here:

mama k said...

Great tips!

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