Monday, February 18, 2008

I Won Some Great Shoes From Two Great People

I won an awesome prize the other day!! $50 gift certificate to Vincent shoes. I have been wanting some of these shoes for the girls and now I get to buy some.

How did I win this amazing prize? Well I entered Thingamababy's Name My Baby Boy contest and was one of the top 20 submissions!! I had entered a few name suggestions but the one that won it for me was the name Ponyboy from the book/movie The Outsiders.

This was such a fun contest! I agree with the commenter that suggested a contest for girl names.

Here are my picks for shoes:

I also won some bical grippers from mommyknows the other day. I can't wait to see which pair come. I have been wanting to try these as well. When the shoes come, I will do a post so you can all see the cuteness. Here's a cute pair just so you can see what the shoes are. I didn't know anything about these shoes until mommyknows showed them to us on her blog. This pair is from thebabymarketplace (mommyknows business)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for dropping by my site and commenting. And good luck in the giveaway! Hope to see you drop by again soon!