Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Crowns for the Girls

I've been crafting again.

A few months ago, I saw some very cute wool felt crowns. I got to looking around and saw more adorable crowns. I wanted to get some for the girls but with funds low, I thought I would see if I could make some. I bought a wool blend felt and some cotton fabric for the backing. Oh and some stiff interfacing to make the crowns stand up.

Here's the crowns.

The left one is for Pony (it's smaller) and the right one is for Buttercup (larger). I think I like the the size of the smaller one the best. I'll probably use that size from now on when I make them and just adjust the elastic at the back for larger sizes.

Here's a a couple of shots of the first crown in progress.

I started with making a pattern and cutting out the felt pieces.

Buttercup wanted a heart on her crown so I sewed one on the front piece before assembling.

Next I sewed the pieces together.

And then sewed on the back with the interfacing between the two pieces. I used a cotton fabric on the back so the crowns would be less expensive and more comfortable to the girls' foreheads.

Oh, there's also some cotton covered elastic back there so that it's adjustable for a few different sizes. I'm still trying to figure out the sizing. The first one is too big for the 4 year old. It fits me. I have to put a hairband around the elastic to make it a few inches smaller. The second one fits the 2 year old good but I was wanting the elastic to not stretch when she wears it so there's room to grow. I'll keep working on that part. I have a few more crowns to make.

Here is the first one completed.

Do you see that bush the crown is sitting in? This photo was taken the other day and now the bush has very little leaves left. It was very windy last night and all the leaves fell off.

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mommyknows said...

Wow -- I love these! You are talented.