Friday, November 7, 2008

Stuffing Myself with Stuffing

One of my favorite holidays is almost here. Thanksgiving. A few reasons why I love Thanksgiving are: Stuffing, being with my family, stuffing, pie (pumpkin and pecan), stuffing, and stuffing myself with stuffing. I kind of like stuffing.

I like all the foods associated with Thanksgiving. This year I roasted real pie pumpkins to use for pumpkin pie instead of the canned pumpkin. I'm hoping it will be good. It was really easy to do, well accept for cutting open one of the pumpkins. The skin was so tough, I had to put it in a plastic bag and smash it on the ground outside. I then scraped the seeds and goo out and put it in the oven to roast until tender. When finished, I let them cool and scraped out the good stuff. A trip through the food processor until smooth and then into freezer bags until Thanksgiving Eve. I'll try and remember to let you know how they tasted.

One year, my aunt hosted the meal and made the turkey. Something looked wrong when it came out of the oven. She had cooked the turkey upside down. She was embarrassed. At least she had remembered to take out the baggie inside. This turkey turned out great though. It was moist and tender. I think every turkey should be cooked upside down.

Another year, with fire extinquisher in hand, we deep fryed a turkey. This one also tasted great but seemed too much of a hassle for cooking it this way every year.

My brother, would love to get a turduckin one of these Thanksgivings. I'm not sure how I feel about mixing my poultry. I guess I'd give it a try but definitely wouldn't want it every year.

I wish for everyone to have a wonderful Thanksgiving with their families. Don't forget the stuffing!

And if anyone needs any help cooking that turkey (so you don't end up cooking it upside down or with the bag of stuff inside) give a visit. They'll help you with anything turkey related. And as an added bonus, on Nov. 11, 18, and 25 at 11 - 1 pm CST, you can chat all things turkey with Chris Jordan (Notes from the Trenches), Susan Wagner (Friday Playdate), and Roxanna (Miguelina).

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