Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Jeans Issues

Does anyone actually have a pair of jeans that fit them like their supposed to?

My current supply consists of jeans that are:
  • too tight in the waist but fit great everywhere else
  • too long and I walk on them
  • fits great for 5 minutes and then they increase in size throughout the day until I could practically pull them down without undoing them
  • have holes in them so I don't wear them

I want a pair of jeans that:
  • fit great everywhere
  • continue to hold their proper shape/size throughout the day
  • are comfortable
  • dark washed
  • and under $50 preferably in the $20-$30 range

Who makes these jeans and where are they?


Andrea said...

Yep...I've got the same problem you do! Especially the "fit great for 5 minutes and then all of a sudden get WAY too big for me" one!!

Jessica D. said...

We been through this!! NO one!! Don't worry it will be warm soon and you won't need jeans:)

Alexia said...

I have jeans that fit pretty good...can't remember what brand they are at the moment, but they are from Walmart - I won't buy any other brand now LOL

grams said...

I like my jeans. They are Riders.

Kristie said...

I have all the same problems with my jeans that you do, except the pair that are too tight happens to be more in the hip area than the waist. If I find a nice pair-I'll let you know! :-)

Thanks for stopping by my blog to congratulate me on the play set! That was very sweet of you! :-)

mchen said...

Not a big jean-wearer, but the few times I've bought them, I always have to chop off at least 5 inches and then re-hem. Impossible to find anything that fits right everywhere, methinks, unless you're Cindy Crawford... IF you ever do find a perfect pair though, buy 12 :)