Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pony's New Bed

The bed is here and I've finally put it together. We received a toddler bed from to review and it came at a perfect time. Pony is ready for a new bed.

The box arrived and the girls were so excited they danced on it.

I think the excitement might have been more to do with the box than what was inside of it. As soon as I got the box opened and emptied, they took it over.

The bed arrives in several pieces that will need to be assembled. All you will need to supply is a screwdriver. Everything else comes in the box. The directions were relatively easy to figure out but it would have been much easier if it would have contained worded directions as well as the pictures. The directions are all picture based and I do a bit better reading directions and then following along with the pictures.

The only thing that had me stumped for a bit were these thingies. They are used to hold the screws in place or something like that. My brother had to help me figure these out. It probably didn't help that the girls were screaming, the phone was ringing, and the music was too loud. It was a bit hard to concentrate.

The bed is almost complete. Now I just have to join the two halves to make one bed.

A few more turns of the last screw and ...

It's finished. After I had the bed completed, I realized I should have built it in the room where I was going to put it. But with Buttercup's help, we carried it up the stairs and into the room.

The bed does not come with a mattress. You will need to supply that yourself. A standard crib mattress fits and since we are taking down the crib, we used the mattress from that.

The bed is made with solid wood and is very sturdy. So sturdy that I've even cuddled up with Pony in the bed. I wouldn't recommend this for a couple of reasons. First, there is a weight limit on the bed of only 50lbs (I think. I'd have to read the sticker on the bed again) and second, it's a little uncomfortable having the railing poke my back and my feet stick out the sides or over the end of the bed. The girls both fit well on the bed. Buttercup is not going to fit for very long in the bed. She's 5 and has just a few inches of space at the ends of the bed before her feet or head hits the head/foot boards. Pony is 3 and has lots of room still.

One of my favorite features is the removable side rails. Not all toddler beds can have their side railings removed. I figure we'll take these off in the near future. I don't think the girls need them to stay on the bed at night.

The girls both really like the bed so much that there has been fights about who gets to sleep in it. The first night they both laid in it. Then neither wanted to lay in it and eventually Buttercup slept in it and Pony ended up going home later that night.

CSNBaby has a great selection of toddler beds, cribs, nursery decor, baby gear and even toys. If you're looking for cheap baby cribs take a look at their site. They have a large selection of cribs with a current selection of about 500 you can choose from.

I was not paid to write this review. All opinions on the bed are my own. CSNBaby provided the bed for review.


The Little Miss said...

how cute!!! Its so much work to put a bed together haha!!! I need to get my son one of these!!! I just cant imagine him staying in it though!

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Nicole Feliciano said...

Nice story. I am the assembly queen around here. My hubby let's me set to it.