Friday, October 8, 2010

Babywearing Love

Have you heard that your choice of how you carry your baby might be in danger? That is your choice on using carriers (ring slings, mei tais, pouch slings etc). The CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commision) is going after all carriers warning that they are unsafe.

The Baby Carrier Industry Alliance (BCIA)
is working to create standards for carriers and promote education on the proper usage of slings. You can read the BCIA's mission statement and position here.

My love of babywearing began early in the year 2007. I didn't know anyone who used slings and didn't know of any classes in my area to learn from. I researched lots of information and styles of slings to see what was the best. I still wasn't sure if it was for me so I looked up patterns to make my own figuring if I didn't like it, I was only out some material and time. I created a pouch sling from a pattern I found at Karma Baby. A few months after that, I won a ring sling from Posh Papoose and I was hooked! My next purchase was a mei tai from Bloo Kangaroo which I love. I've made a couple more pouches for friends and received a few more pouches and ring slings.

I can't imagine not using slings with babies and toddlers. I'm able to do so much:
  • keep them close while in public.
  • get things finished.
  • offer comfort and a cozy place to sleep.
  • a ride when their legs get tired from walking
  • a different point of view
  • safety
  • snuggles
  • love
and so much more!

Anyone can use slings. I'm an aunt and use them to carry my nieces. My Mom has used them to carry her granddaughters. I've used them with friends' babies I was caring for. My Dad has even used them once or twice. Sadly, my babywearing days are currently on hold since the girls are getting so big. We've used the mei tai only a few times in the last year.

If you have any questions about babywearing search the internet for any local classes near you. I would have loved to attend some classes and might in the future. I'd love to try wrapping next.

Make sure to visit Stephanie at Adventures in Babywearing before Oct. 10, 2010 to see more stories of babywearing, get more information about the BCIA, and share your own story to be entered for a Sakura Bloom Ring Sling (which are amazing and I'd love to own).