Friday, November 2, 2007

Hair Disasters of the 80's

One of the worst hair disasters I have encountered happened when I was in middle school. The time when you don't want to have hair disasters. Everything hangs on your hair and clothes looking great in middle school. I survived and my hair eventually survived also.

I have long straight hair. My friend had short, curly (permed) hair. She talked me into getting a perm. I got my hair cut and layered and permed. YIKES! I looked okay coming out of the salon but after a few days of me washing and trying to style it, I looked horrible. I ended up looking like a frazzled crazy person. My curls turned into frizz and there was nothing stopping it. After the perm started to die down, I was crazy and got another perm. You would have thought that I learned the first time but I didn't. I went to someone else and thought this time would be better. Not a chance. I looked just as horrible. Maybe I can find a picture somewhere if I didn't burn them all. Maybe I won't post it so that I don't scare away all of my one reader.

I could have used Beauty Confidential or even some help from the wonderful people at Parent Bloggers Network.

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Anonymous said...

I totally relate to hair disasters! I've had several throughout life. I like my hair longer but every once in a while I get the whim to go short. I end up feeling exposed and old. I admire women who can wear short hair and look chic...I'm just not one of them!