Thursday, November 15, 2007


We have a few Holiday traditions in my family. Here are a few.

My mom makes the normal dinner for Thanksgiving. After dinner, some of the aunts and uncles nap on the couch or any other location that is available. The kids play the PS2 upstairs. The rest of us play board games while my mom and aunt look at the ads for sales the next day. That is a typical Thanksgiving.

We spend Christmas eve at my mom's family and have pizza. Christmas day is at home. We eat a nice breakfast and then open gifts. Later we have a larger family dinner. The last couple of years, we have started going to the movies on Christmas day.

New Years
We have a small party and call my aunt at midnight. Her birthday is Jan. 1.

What are your traditions? If you share them, you could win a Toshiba HD DVD Player from In Pursuit of Proverbs 31. Contest ends Nov. 17.

*This contest is hosted by Pursuit of Proverbs 31. Please enter over there. I am just letting you know about the contest and telling my traditions.*


Mary said...

My husband and I spend Christmas Eve at home. Christmas morning we open our gifts to each other and then go to my daughter's for brunch and exchange gifts there. I always love to see what Santa has brought the grandsons and we usually play the board games that they've received.

On Boxing Day we usually have dinner at Mom's. That's the WHOLE family. She does it Boxing Day so everyone can spend time with their own families at Christmas.

Thanks for hosting. I've entered your name in my book giveaway.


Amico Dio said...

Thanks for sharing. I will draw a winner tomorrow!