Friday, December 7, 2007

Dream Slings

I have already mentioned how I like to use slings to carry my nieces.  Well I think I need a new one.  My mom likes to use my slings to carry her granddaughters also.  Another sling would be great for this.  

I'm in luck because Along for the Ride is giving someone a chance to have a $250 shopping spree.  I would love this.  You have until Dec. 31 to enter.

Here are some of the slings I am wishing for:  (have to click the link to see.  No pictures still)

Beco Baby Carrier in Sky Temple - I like this because it is just like a mei tai only faster to get on and off.

Moby Wrap D in black and red silk - I have never used a wrap and I think this is the one to try.

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