Saturday, December 15, 2007

Just For Fun

I thought I would do a little post of all of the fun things my 3 year old niece likes to do on the computer. Maybe it will give you some ideas or some new places to visit.

Peep and The Big Wide World

Her favorite thing to do is watch Peep and The Big Wide World . I enjoy watching this show also. I don't know why. Maybe it is the simple drawings. Anyway, There is a new episode everyday and plenty of games to choose from. She usually watches an episode and then plays a few games. A sampling of the games available:
  • Trash Stash - finding items that fit a specified catagory such as metal things, round things, things that grow on trees. etc.
  • Where's Quack - Listening to Quacks voice and trying to find him in, under, behind items.
  • Memory Lane - Watching to see what Peep finds on his walk and then remembering what you saw
  • Paint Splat - Mixing colors to match the color on the card that Chirp is holding.
She does a wonderful job of doing the games and controlling the mouse. I used to have to slow the mouse down for her but now she uses it as fast as we do and even tells me she doesn't want the mouse changed.


We turn on microsoft word and let her type. She likes to type her name and the names of her family. We increase the font to a very large setting and type the names and she copies them. She is getting very good at recognizing letters and spelling her own name.

You Tube

She loves to watch videos on You Tube. Here are a few of her favorites.

Googleheads - this is her all time favorite.

Mr. Heatmiser

Frosty the Snowman

A-Tisket, A-Tasket (she prefers the song Got A Pebble In My Shoe by Ella Fitzgerald but likes this song as well)

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Kelly Malloy said...

My guys love Starfall! You should have her check it out.