Monday, November 10, 2008

Celebrate International Babywearing Week - My Mei Tai

In celebration of International Babywearing week (Nov. 12-18), Stephanie at Adventures in Babywearing would love to see you wearing your babies. If you do, you could win a sling from Nonny & Boo

In all the times I've mentioned babywearing and how much I love it, I don't think I've ever posted a picture. The mei tai is a Bloo Kangaroo. One from her previous stock that she doesn't make any more. She now makes buckle mei tais. This is the very first day I got the mei tai. I put it on and off we went for a walk. Buttercup was 3 at the time.

Babywearing has so much to offer but my favorites are the closeness and convenience of carrying the girls. One of the main times I wear the girls is out shopping. Pony is not a walker, she's a runner/prancer. If I didn't use a sling while shopping I'd spend every minute running after her. I could put her in the cart but I'm sure she'd climb out even with the seat buckled.

I haven't worn Buttercup in a while. She's 4 now and can walk most places and will stay by us. She does get tired easily and wants to be carried. I'll usually just hold her on my hip. I know she'd still fit in the mei tai and I could easily do it, we just haven't had the need for it lately.

Here's my stash of slings: (*updated 3/1/2012)

Bloo Kangaroo mei tai
Posh Papoose ring sling
Lovey coastal blue lambswool ring sling *
Storchenwiege Anna 4.6 wrap *
Vatanai Koira wrap
Anna Carrie Baby bicycles in teal mei tai *
Zolowear ring sling *
Rockin Baby Sling pouch and ring sling
Munchkin Jelly Bean pouch sling
and two pouches I made myself using this pattern from Karma Baby


Steph said...

SO cute! My daughter is 6 and tiny, so I wear her in our MT when she's tired

Katie said...

I love to hear stories of wearing bigger "babies". It makes me happy to know I will still be able to wear my wee one when he is 3:)

Miche said...

I love your picture! What a cute mei tai! I have been wanting to try one.

Anonymous said...

Love your picture and love that you still wear your little girl. I don't get to wear my daughter as much but every now and then she'll request a ride. But luckily I have a little while left with my son. :)

Stephanie Precourt said...

You've got a great stash! I love back carries, too!