Sunday, November 16, 2008

Keurig - A Cup of Excellence in the Morning

How many of you are coffee drinkers?  I love coffee and have a cup every morning.  Just one.  I might have one in the evening but not usually.  There's a coffee maker I want that makes just one cup.  It's the Keurig.  You place a kcup (a little sealed cup with just the right amount of coffee in it for one cup) into the machine and push a button.  Out comes the elixir of mornings.  If you decide to have a second cup, you can change it up and have a different flavor the next time.  All the clean up that is needed is to pop the used cup out.

Now, I haven't tried one but have seen great reviews on them.  I also know that I'd love to have one.  How easy it would be to make coffee in the mornings.  No measuring water, no scooping coffee and getting grounds all over the place, and no waiting for an entire pot to brew.  If all it took was to fill the reservoir chamber, place in a kcup and hit a button to make my coffee, then yes, I would love it.  As says "Keurig Brewed Excellence: One cup at a time"  I'd like a cup of excellence in the mornings.  

I am in luck.  I can try to win one at I'm no supermom.  She's giving one away right now until Nov. 24.  I will be Keeping My Fingers Crossed for this one!

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CoffeePHD said...

I love my Keurig B60. Fast and easy way to make Great coffee :). This is great website if you interesting with K Cups Giveaways every week plus bunch of Coupons on K-Cups