Friday, November 21, 2008

Game Show Mania

The holidays always make me think of games. After dinner and between dessert, my family breaks out the games, much to the annoyance of some of our family members. I'm a game person. I love board games, trivia games, and card games. Actually, any game your going to play, I like. I'm also a bit competitive when it comes to those games.

Game shows are also something I've always enjoyed. When I was in high school, my family would watch Jeopardy and we would keep points for the answers we got correct first. Jeopardy has always been a favorite. I even have Jeopardy on my computer and I make my family play with me. It's been a while but I'm thinking of loading it up and having a family Jeopardy night soon.

What are your favorite game shows? This is a question Parent Bloggers is asking this weekend.
I think I mostly like older game shows. I'm not really into the new shows they have now. Too flashy and trying to be intense and just too much. One of the older shows I like that's in reruns on Game Show Network (love this channel by the way) is Match Game, a fill in the blank and match answers with celebrities show from the 70s.

I could probably list many game shows I've liked over the years but that list would get to be quite long. Let's just say I like game shows and leave it at that. Oh fine, I'll list a few of my favorites.

Family Feud - the old one but what is up with Richard Dawon and the kissing?
The Newlywed Game
The Price is Right
Double Dare - I always wanted to be on this show. It looked fun. The obstacle course was the best part.

Did you like the game show Supermarket Sweep? Well if you did, make sure to head over to Oliebollen between Nov. 28 - Dec. 1. They are having an Arm Chair Holiday Shopping Sweep. Each day, there will be five totally free items on their website. All you have to do is find them, put them in your cart with one other item you will pay for and complete the check out process. The Supermarket Sweep aspect comes in to play though because there is only a limited number of free items and you could loose them if you don't check out fast enough.

So get ready to run through that store, spin that wheel, press your luck, and stay away from those Whammies!

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