Saturday, March 1, 2008

iMommies, iPods and Shamrock Shakes

*update* I WON!! How exciting! I feel double lucky. My McDonald's has Shamrock Shakes and I won an ipod. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

iMommies is having a giveaway for two green iPod shuffles. You have to enter by March 14 with a fact/trivia/tradition about St. Patrick's Day.

Did you know that the first Shamrock Shake to be made at McDonalds was in 1970? I loved Shamrock Shakes as a kid. I had one several years ago (maybe 10 because they are getting much harder to find) and it didn't taste the same as I remembered them. Very few McDonalds sell them so consider yourself lucky if one near you sells them this March.

Here's a fun commercial for Shamrock Shakes

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