Thursday, March 20, 2008

Would You Like Some Tea?

Welcome to my tea party. Come on in. Mind the wet floor. Make sure you don't slip. Pull up a stool and join us for some tea, um . . . . bath water?

Tea parties in our house take place in the bathroom. More specifically in the bathtub. The table is the edge of the tub. My chair is a stool. My niece's is the bathtub. She makes tea and serves it in her pretty little cups and saucers set in a row on the tub edge.

It does make for handy clean up after a tea party. Just dump them right back in the tub for a quick cleaning and your ready for your next guests.

Come join the tea party at Mommies United.

I wish I had a photo to share of our tea parties but it probably is a good thing I don't. That is our tea set though in the top photo.

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Cherie said...

Love the sound of a bathtub tea party! I only have a boy...for now. Thanks for stopping by to visit me!