Monday, April 14, 2008

Cultivate Kids - A Review

I was sent a wonderful shirt from Cultivate Kids. It is a beautiful melon color and says 100% Potential. Let me tell you this shirt is amazingly soft. I would show you a picture of my niece wearing the shirt but she is sick and sleeping on the couch, so here is a picture from the website.

I was so excited when I saw Cultivate Kids website. Their shirts have some of the most positive sayings. I find that in the daily "stuff" that we have to do; we, maybe I should say "I", forget sometimes that children are watching us and learning from us and waiting for us to teach them. These shirts are a reminder of that. I need to remember to nurture, love, and cultivate the childrens' potentials around me. Maybe you need a reminder of that as well? Take a look at the wonderful shirts at Cultivate Kids and use these shirts to remind us all of how precious children are.

Cultivate Kids shirts are made in America and use 100% Organic cotton. The dyes are water based and do not contain any harmful phthalates or PVCs. Sizes run from 3-6 month onesies to 6T T-shirts.

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Too cute!

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