Monday, August 25, 2008

Monster Sunflowers

We have been growing MONSTER sunflowers! My niece has her own little garden and sunflowers were on her "to grow" list. She planted about 6-7 sunflowers and they have grown HUGE. The largest one is about 9 ft tall. I don't know the measurement of the flower heads themselves. I'll have to find a tape measure and find out later.

Here is a comparison shot of me and my niece standing next to the flowers.

I think these will go on our "to grow" list every year. It was fun seeing how large they got. The flowers are actually getting a bit shorter as the seeds are beginning to form. The flower heads are getting heavy and pulling the flowers over. I'll take some more photos later on as the seeds develop more.

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Jessica D. said...

Love the pictures. Autumn go some seeds this year. We never planted them. I think we will next year! So cool. Do you have to water them often or are they easy to manage?