Friday, August 8, 2008

Visit Tree Swing Reading

I thought I'd let you all know about a great website. Tree Swing Reading is a great Christian book review site. I've found some great books to read from there. I've also won some great books. Tree Swing Reading does some amazing giveaways mostly in the chicklit and suspense genre (all Christian of course). Tami hopes to spread the love of reading Christian books to everyone who visits and also the love of Jesus through these books.

Make sure you stop by and check out the great list of books she's reviewed. You might even enter to win some books. Tami is having a Summer Things giveaway right now. It's at the end but don't worry you still have time to enter some of the giveaways and there is always future giveaways to look forward to.

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Tami said...

Thanks for the post Lacey! You're great!