Friday, June 26, 2009

Bikes I've Owned and Loved

I've been working on bike basket liners (post to come) for my bike. It got me thinking about all the bikes I've owned. I think I've owned 3 bikes in my lifetime.

My current bike is a Suede W from Giant (2008? model). I love it. It's one of the most comfortable bikes I've ridden. It's going on it's third year.

The bike I've owned the longest is a Huffy 512st 10 speed. I still have it hanging in the garage. I think it was a birthday present around the time I was 12. I road it all over town. The bike took me to the library and to the corner store the most. It was a bike of independence. I stopped riding it when I got my driving license.

The very first bike I remember receiving was a purple bike with a white banana seat that had a rainbow and a purple butterfly on it. There were also purple streamers from the handlebars. I asked my mom how old I was when I got it. She thinks I was around 6 when they bought it for me. It was a great bike as well. I remember my frienemy down the street had a similar bike but in turquoise.

One of my favorite things to do while riding bikes was to ride to the top of the street near our house and coast down the hill. I believe it's the steepest hill in town. Kids from all over town used to come and ride down it. We'd ride up and down it over and over.

I'm sure their must have been a bike before the purple banana seat but I don't remember it. It was probably my brothers bike (hand-me-down) or just one that was around the house. There were Big Wheels, trikes and other ride on toys available for us as kids.

I wish I had some photos of my bikes when I was little. I don't think there are any though.

What about you? What were your favorite bikes growing up? 5 Minutes for Mom would love to hear stories about your bikes. They are offering 2 strider bikes to 2 bloggers who post about their bikes. You have until July 19.

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