Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Mad Libs Baby Shower Game at Comfort Joy Designs

I'm participating at Mommie Daze's Virtual Baby Shower being held at Comfort Joy Designs. This is a Mad Lib party game. Want to play along? head over here

I had someone read me the parts I needed to fill in and then put the answers in. Here's what I got (my answers are in green in ()):

New Baby

(Oh My)! gasped New Daddy. It was (dusk) and baby was awake for the (6) time today. New Mommy had been (swiftly) (sweeping cobwebs), but rushed to check on New Baby. "No, no," said New Daddy, who had been relaxing by (gardening). "I'm always (smelly) to help with the baby. I'll go." New Mommy was (tiny), since this was only the (11) time that New Daddy had offered to help. In fact, New Daddy was more inclined to snack on (carrots), while sitting on the (lamp), watching (Bones). New Mommy knew that she should (slowly) accept, because New Daddy might not offer again!

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