Friday, September 18, 2009

*insert witty title about summer fun and blog absence here*

(It's late and I just couldn't come up with an interesting title)

Oh my! I just noticed an entire month went by that I haven't posted anything. I've been trying to squeeze some fun and outside time in these last few weeks (now days) of summer.

A few things I've done
  • mini golf
  • the beach
  • bonfires
  • apple picking
  • visiting friends
  • sitting in the yard watching the girls play
  • wishing Buttercup a great first day of Kindergarten
  • celebrating some birthdays
  • lounging in the hammocks
  • read some books
  • visited with family
  • watching Buttercup learn to ride a two wheel bike
  • watching Pony dance her socks off
  • harvesting veggies from the garden and watching the pumpkins turn orange
  • getting in a few more ice creams before they close for the season
  • I'd like to get some more bike rides in
I've got some photos to share and a few posts to write about some of these adventures we've had this last month. I really didn't mean to be absent for so long but the warm sun was calling to be outside.

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