Friday, November 9, 2007

Cyber Baby Shower for Classy Mommy

Congratulations Classy Mommy! She is having a boy and Happy Panda is having a party for her to celebrate. There are some great games and prizes to be won. Grab something to drink and find a comfy seat and join in.


Well I really can't play any of the games this time. I don't have any kids. So I can't post a picture of my baby belly. I haven't given birth so I can't tell you how long labor took or how big the baby was. We do have a sort of nursery here for my nieces but I won't show you that because it is just a crib and a rocker in a room, nothing special.

But I can still enter to win some of the prizes because they are having a random draw after the four winners of the games have been picked and they have chosen their prizes.

Here are my top picks:

  • KN Karen Neuburger Mouse Pajamas
  • Hanes deluxe gift pack
  • Blessed Baby onesie
  • Downtime Sleepy Hat
Classy Mommy and the prize donors have helped raise money for a wonderful charity called Project Peanut Butter


Unknown said...

Lace, I would really like those pajamas too! I wish I could enter myself. Can we work something out if you win? LOL

Alexia said...

I tagged you :)

Amanda said...

are you going to ahve kids in the near future?

Unknown said...

Your a winner! Please come and claim your prize.