Thursday, March 13, 2008

My Green Family

There is a big emphasis on going Green right now. Is it just a fad or are people really starting to change? I hope people are starting to change. There are several things my family does to stay green.

1. I have switched from using plastic water bottles to using a reusable stainless steel container from Klean Kanteen. I love my new cup. It's easy to clean and refill with filtered water or water straight from the tap. I was drinking so many water bottles that my trash seemed to be only water bottles. I'm happy to say that we have less water bottles in the landfills now that I am using my Klean Kanteen.

2. We plant an organic garden every spring/summer. This is something my family has been doing for years. My niece is especially fond of working in the garden, looking for worms, and eating all of the strawberries.

3. Along with the garden, we have a compost pile that we use. The dirt created from the compost is used in the garden.

4. We bought bicycles last year and try to use them instead of cars whenever possible. I need to get a basket for my bike. This will help with the times I need to carry something and will make using my bike more feasible for those type of errands. Here's my bike: A Suede W from Giant. I love it. It is the most comfortable bike I have ever ridden.

5. We use organic cleaners to clean our house. We have been using Barefoot Home Essentials, which I like but we are starting to run out. We have just recently tried the new Green Works cleaners from Clorox. I would really like to try making my own. I should do a search for some recipes.

6. Bonus tip: In the summer, the girls have a small inflatable pool they play in. After a few days, we use the "grey" water from the pool to water the garden. This is accomplished with buckets and watering cans and lots of help from the 3 year old.

Things I would like to start implementing:

1. As I mentioned before, I would like to start making my own cleaners. I will have to go looking for a recipe unless someone can give me some tips.

2. Recycle the closet full of plastic bags. The closet is so full the door doesn't shut. We often reuse them but generally they sit in the closet multiplying.

What are you doing to be more green? Pediascribe would like to know. If you tell her before March 22, you could win a great bag from Skeeda. I would love to start using cloth bags at the store. Maybe my closet door will be able to shut then. The citrus bag is my favorite. All though, that eggshell bag is pretty cute too.

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Jessica D. said...

Hohock's ( I have no idea how to spell this, that's okay, you know me and what i'm trying to say) in lansing has the best grocery bags. There only $1.00 and their much bigger than the ones you buy at the grocery stores. I bought 3 i wish i would of bought more. Hope to see you soon.