Friday, March 7, 2008

Ultimate Blog Party and a Little Bit About Me

Ultimate Blog Party 2008

Welcome, Ultimate Blog Party Hoppers! I hope you are all having fun meeting new people and finding some great new sites to add to your daily visits. I sure am.

I'm lace. You might have seen me around. I have many blogs I like to visit and love to comment as well.

I blog on a daily (sometimes several times a day) basis, finding great giveaways to tell you about. I blog here and at Prizey. If you haven't visited Prizey yet you must. It is a great tool for finding some amazing giveaways.

I've never really done a post letting everyone know who I am. I just kind of jumped right in and started my blog. I began my blog in April 2007 (wow, my 1 year is coming up!) My first few posts were sporadic and about my favorite places to visit on the web. I entered a contest at Cool Mom Picks and won! I had been entering contests online for awhile, mostly at but had never won anything. I discovered all of the wonderful and generous people there were in blogland and decided to let some friends know about my discovery. My blog was born! If you browse through, you see that most of my posts are about giveaways you can enter with little bits of me strewn throughout.Z Recommends

On to the party! Oh don't forget that there are some amazing prizes you can win.

These are my favorites:

7. Bead Dangle Photo Tile Necklace from Elemental Memories
84. ModMum Sling from SazzyFrazz
15. $50 Kids Magical Wonder

11, 60, 59, 39, 37, 55, 19, 103, 117, 140, 129


A Juggling Mum said...

Hi, Thanks for inviting me to your party! It was great to meet you :)

Rachel xxx
A Juggling Mum

Mrs.Naz@BecomingMe said...

Fun party. So nice to meet you!

Anonymous said...

I'm a comment Junkie, so I like to leave them too, I'm just not a very broad reader ;o)

I like your "handle," Lace, it's why I came here to check you out.

Happy partying.

Heather @ Marine Corps Nomads said...

I like your blog name. lol! It caught my attention, so I stopped by. ;) Have a great weekend!

EclecticGypsy said...

Nice to meet you Lace. I just started my blog back in January and am having so much fun with it. Stop by and party with me if you get the chance. ~Brenda~

Jinxy and Me said...

Hi! Nice to meet you through the party. I am really into contests too, so I enjoyed looking through your blog. Hope you can stop by and visit me. One of my sites (Thrifty Jinxy) is participating as a prize sponsor in the Blog Party. Happy blogging!

Thrifty Jinxy:

Jinxy Knows Best:

Write From Karen said...

Hello lace! It's great to meet you!

I too post several times a day - I keep my RSS readers busy! lol

I'm afraid I'm more of a lurker than a commentor, though I do have stages where I go overboard you it's hard to shut me up.

Like now, for instance. *grin*

Have fun at the party!

Write From Karen

Teri said...

Thanks so much! I hope you'll visit my blog as well! I have had the blog since 2006, but just started blogging regularly this year about my infertility struggles, God, my American Idol obsession, recipes & my job as a preschool teacher. Always something to talk about! I will definitely be checking out prizey!

Hi! I'm Amy. said...

Thanks for the link to Prizey. I'm excited to check it out. It's great to stop by and "meet" you!

Amy @

Tara in VA said...

Happy UBP!

Tara in VA

Unknown said...

HEY!! I thought I recognized this blog. I've seen it before from the cyber baby shower. Great to see you again and thanks so much for stopping by. I hope you have fun party hopping. Good Luck with the prize drawing.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the party and for the "heads-up" about Prizey. I can't wait to check it out.

Happy UBP!

The Random Muse said...

Enjoy the party

Deb said...

Great post! Hope your enjoying the party! I’ve been meeting tons of new people! Hope to try to visit at least half of them before Friday! You never know when you may meet a forever friend. Pop by for a visit if you get a chance! Enjoy your day!

Tonya said...

Hi Lace! I like give aways too :) Though I tend not to have as much time lately. Great party.