Thursday, January 29, 2009

Laundry Confessionals

The other day I did laundry and had a realization. I have an addiction.

Here is what my laundry basket held when I was finished with laundry:

3 jeans
1 khaki pants
2 tshirts
6 shirts
4 hoodies
various undergarments
14 sets of pajamas

Do you see that?! 14 sets of pjs not individual pieces but tops and bottoms counted together. I think I have an addiction to loungewear. I admit there are days that I get up in the morning and put on a clean set of pjs to hang around the house in. I also admit there are days I hang out in the pjs I wore to bed that night.

When I get home and know I'm going to be staying home, you bet I'm going to be changing into something more comfortable. Currently, I'm sitting at the computer wearing last night's pjs of a snowman shirt and Santa Clause pants. They don't match and they each have their mate somewhere in the drawer. I was just too tired to match them up last night. I rarely actually match them up.

This year for Christmas, I received 2 more to join my 3 drawers full of loungewear. 3 drawers full! That is half of my clothing space in my dresser.

I don't intend to stop this addiction but I thought I'd share my laundry revelation from the other day.

*UPDATE* I got dressed today.

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Chairman of the Michigan Children's Leaders Association said...

me too. When i get out of the shower in the morning and get ready, I usually put on a clean pair of lounge/sweat pants clothes again (or PJ's). Even after i've done my hair and put on my make up for the day. If I'm not going anywhere then why not! I will admit, that lately i've not even been putting on my make when I'm not leaving. I just wash my face. This is not like me at all. I think it has to do with North of 69 hehe! which i said i would never do!

I don't have as many as you. Wish I did.