Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Very Important Question. Please Answer

I've got a very important question that I need to ask and I'd like all of you to leave your answers in the comment section.

How long do you wear your jeans before washing them?

a. 1 time
b. 2-3 times
c. I don't wear jeans
d. 4-5 times
e. As many times as I can get away with
f. Mine could stand on their own
g. A week
h. I give 'em a sniff and if they smell fine I put them on
i. As long as there are no stains on them
j. Wear them once and then in the wash because they are my only pair
k. Are you guys still reading these selections?
l. Stop reading and go comment and let me know all about your jeans
m. Really, stop reading and go comment

I wear mine about 2-3 times and then they get washed. I only have 3 pairs so they need to be frequently washed.

Photo of our washing machine with way too much soap


Jessica D. said...

B 2 to 3 times! Except for the one that are to big. After a day they are huge. You have way to much soap in that front loade by the way!

Alexia said...

Depends on which jeans they are and what I'm wearing them for :) My work jeans I'll wear 2-3 times. Most other jeans hit their limit at 2 and if they're the really annoying ones that seem to be too baggy by the end of the day, than only once! LOL

Anonymous said...

2 times


Anonymous said...

Usually just once. It's not that I think they are dirty, I just hate it when they are stretched out especially around the knees.

grams said...

As many times as I can get away with. LOL I like them when they are comfortable and not tight.

Luxual said...

b. 2-3 times