Monday, January 5, 2009

Inkheart is Almost Here

The time is drawing near for the movie I've been waiting for. I hope it's good. If it's not good and I've been waiting this long, I might scream. I've posted about this movie here and here and here (that last one was clear back in Dec 07). Oh you want to know what movie? Inkheart. It finally comes out Jan. 23. I'll be there. Hey Mommy Rambles (Alexia) want to go?

I'm hoping to win What's That Smell?'s giveaway for a $20 Fandango gift certificate. Have you been to the movies lately? It's expensive. If I win, I can invite a friend to come with me and pay for both of us. You can enter as well but you only have until Jan 8. So you better hurry.

1 comment:

Alexia said...

I'll go! But...I should probably read the book first LOL Wanna pack it in the boys' diaper bag tonight?