Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Salt: It's What's for Dinner!

You know that practical joke where people loosen the salt lid and watch as someone unknowingly wants to add a bit of seasoning to their food and the entire contents spill out onto their plate? Well that just happened to me!

I'm making spaghetti for Jessica's girls before we have to head to Jazz class. Frying the hamburger, I reach for the salt (the sea salt grinder is near me so I use that) I begin turning the grinder when the entire thing explodes in my hand. Salt flies through the air, onto the floor, onto the stove and a ginormous amount lands in the pot of frying hamburger and I'm left holding the two pieces of the salt grinder with a bit of salt left in the bottom.

After the shock wore off and I stopped looking around for the hidden camera and trying to listen for barely contained snorts and giggles, I started scooping the salt into the sink. I haven't tasted the sauce yet but I'm hoping it's okay . I scooped some of the salt off of the stove and back into the salt grinder but I'm afraid there's not much left.

I'd take a photo but no camera. So just imagine that first snowstorm of the year where everything is covered in a fluffy white snow and now replace the snow with salt and there ya go. That's what Jessica's kitchen looks like.

Hey Jess? You need to add salt to your grocery list next week!

(*edit: The sauce is saltier than it should be but it isn't too bad. Although, I think I might have reached my sodium intake for the month.)

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Alexia said...

That sucks. At least it was an accident...right? I remove the heads of people who play jokes on me LOL I don't have a very good sense of humor.